Phluxion (α)
Collapse blocks of the same color to score points and beat the clock. By WhosPlayin?
Level: 1
Time remaining: 0
Blocks to next level: 0

Phluxion is a block game. Click blocks that are adjacent to at least one other block of the same color to make them disappear from the board.

The more blocks you disappear at the same time, the more you score.

Special Blocks:
Bombs: A bomb will explode itself and its surrounding neighbors horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. In order to use it, you need to click on it directly, or cause it to explode because it's next to another bomb or part of a group of colored blocks that you clicked on.
Anchors: Anchors are denoted with a "V" and cannot be removed from the board, except by bombs, or by dropping to the bottom row. They are worth 100 points each. Color bombs: Color bombs are denoted with an "X" in a colored square. When you clear that square, it clears all squares on the board with that same color. Wildcards: Wildcards are shown as a white square with an "O" in them. These cannot be directly clicked on, but instead are cleared when you clear a neighboring colored square. They stand in for whatever color is clicked. Blockers: Blockers have a "*" in a gray square. They stay put on the board and are only removed by exploding bombs, or if you can get a wildcard next to them and click it. When a blocker is in position, the pieces above them will not fall down, and the pieces below them will clear out without being replenished.

Alpha version to-do list: - Don't let blocker stick to top when they first drop in - Make blockers go away on level change - Add special block to decrease color count