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2015/9/2 11:48 - Re: Three arrested in two separate incidents for assaulti... (Anonymous)
2015/9/2 3:31 - Re: Three arrested in two separate incidents for assaulti... (Anonymous)
2015/8/31 14:51 - Re: LTJ Prints First Newspaper (Anonymous)
2015/8/30 18:11 - Re: Lewisville schedules mosquito spraying (trafton)
2015/8/30 18:00 - Re: City hits $2.4 million snag in Valley Ridge extension... (Anonymous)
2015/8/30 17:55 - Re: LHS Volleyball Starts Season Strong (Anonymous)
2015/8/30 14:42 - Re: City hits $2.4 million snag in Valley Ridge extension... (fvaughan)
2015/8/30 14:39 - Re: City hits $2.4 million snag in Valley Ridge extension... (TJGilmore)
2015/8/30 14:12 - Re: City hits $2.4 million snag in Valley Ridge extension... (fvaughan)
2015/8/29 12:53 - Re: City hits $2.4 million snag in Valley Ridge extension... (Anonymous)
2015/8/28 10:20 - Re: Lake Dallas coach arrested for sex with student (Anonymous)
2015/8/28 10:15 - Re: Police ID suspect in July murder (Anonymous)
2015/8/28 10:11 - Re: Farmers football falls short against Rowlett (Anonymous)
2015/8/27 14:23 - This is so sad (Anonymous)
2015/8/26 7:49 - Re: Lake Dallas coach arrested for sex with student (Anonymous)
2015/8/23 18:35 - Re: Lewisville Kroger store to close after 28 years (Anonymous)
2015/8/22 9:12 - Re: Lewisville Kroger store to close after 28 years (Anonymous)
2015/8/20 23:41 - Re: Lewisville Kroger store to close after 28 years (Anonymous)
2015/8/20 20:16 - Re: Motorists Reminded to Be Careful as Kids Head Back-to... (Anonymous)
2015/8/20 20:13 - Re: Lewisville Kroger store to close after 28 years (Anonymous)
2015/8/20 17:13 - Re: LTJ Prints First Newspaper (Anonymous)
2015/8/20 13:10 - Re: Lewisville Kroger store to close after 28 years (jbcglc)
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Updated: Three arrested in two separate incidents for assaulting police officers

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2015/9/2 0:20:00 (2479 reads)

In the past several days in Lewisville, three individuals have been arrested and charged with assault on a public servant in two separate incidents with Lewisville police.

Open in new windowOn Saturday night, Katia Paola Penaylillo Jara, 17, and her sister Carla Andrea Arostegui, 26, were arrested after an incident where Penaylillo Jara allegedly kicked an officer in the groin. LPD Captain Kevin Deaver said that the girl’s sister had notified an officer who was on another call at the time, that Penaylillo Jara - who was believed to be** a runaway - was standing a few feet away from her*. The officer tried to speak to the girl, who then allegedly tried to walk off. Deaver said the officer told her that she was not free to go, and went to grab her, which was when she turned around and kicked him. Deaver said that the officer had to restrain her.

A video was uploaded to YouTube Sunday, taken by local resident Joshua Steinberg, who showed up as the officer was on the ground trying to restrain the girl. The video, shot on a cell phone was very dark, but the officer can be seen sitting on top of the girl’s lower body trying to restrain her, as she laid* on the grass. Penaylillo Jara could be heard screaming repeatedly for the officer to get off her. Her sister, Arostegui stood next to them and repeatedly tried to order the officer to get off of her - at one point telling the officer that “If you don’t let her get up, it’s gonna be on.” Steinberg could be heard shouting at the officer “Hey, get off of her! What the fu** are you doing, dude?” Arostegui then began attacking the officer from behind, hitting him in the head. The man filming the incident could be heard telling Arostegui not to continue with her attack. Allegedly, the officer was also bitten by Penaylillo Jara. Deaver said he believed the officer was treated for the minor injury. Both women were arrested and charged with felony assault on a public servant. They were both released Sunday on $10,000 bond each. In a comment that has since been removed from the YouTube video, Arostegui said that the officer had assaulted her sister. “He pushed her to ground her [sic] and would not get off of her he was impending [sic] her right to breath [sic],” she wrote.

Open in new windowOn Tuesday afternoon, a Lewisville police officer pulled over Joshua Allen Bryant, 28, for a traffic stop on Corporate Drive near Southridge Elementary School. At some point Bryant allegedly grabbed the officer’s arm and tried to drive off, dragging the officer for a distance. Deaver said the car drove off the roadway, and the officer was able get Bryant after a short foot pursuit. Deaver said the officer was “slightly injured” and was treated at a clinic and released. Bryant had not been arraigned as of Tuesday night, and was being held without bail in Lewisville Jail on charges of assaulting a public servant, evading arrest, and failing to identify or giving false or fictitious information.

According to The Lewisville Texan Journal’s police blotter records, there have been seven arrests so far in 2015 for assault on a public servant. Assault on a police officer is a third degree felony punishable by up to a $10,000 fine and imprisonment from 2 - 10 years.

The rise in availability of video recording built into mobile phones has led to many instances of citizens recording arrests and other incidents, in some cases leading to highly-publicized and controversial videos purporting to show police brutality - such as the recent incident in McKinney. In other cases, police-worn body cameras have revealed what officers were able to see that bystanders may not have seen. The 2015/16 Lewisville city budget includes funding to purchase body cameras for the police department. Deaver said the department is working on the details of a body camera policy.

* Update 9/2/2015 - 10:15 a.m.:
Carla Arostegui says that she and her sister were falsely arrested. She disputes the claim that her sister was ever a runaway. "She was never a runaway," said Arostegui. "Never. Never. Never." She said that the officer had put her sister on the ground, but that her head was up and never down. "He pushed her down, but she never had her head down. He had her face towards him. He put his arms, his force, his weight on her. She did not bite him. That was a reflex. She never bit him," said Arostegui. Arostegui said that she could not say more about the incident, and that she is represented by an attorney.

An earlier version of this story said the girl was face down, but on re-examination of the video, it's apparent when the other police officer arrives that she is face-up at that point.

The Lewisville Texan Journal is awaiting records requests in both cases, and will update the story with more information if we receive it.

**Update 9/2/2015 - 9:20 p.m.:
As of Wednesday night, Bryant, a resident of Frisco, was being held in Denton County jail in lieu of $11,500 total bond on the three charges. We are still awaiting records to learn more about the offense.

Probable cause affidavits obtained from the City of Lewisville today detailed the police department’s account of the incident with Penaylillo and Arostegui. They say the incident began in the 1000 block of Fox Avenue, which is near the intersection of Edmonds Lane. Police were on an unrelated disturbance call in the area and witnessed a car with its hazard lights on traveling at slow speed in the right lane. The vehicle was parked at Terry’s, and police soon saw the two women walking from the direction of the vehicle, with Penaylillo in front, and Arostegui following about 15 feet behind. Penaylillo appeared to be upset.

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All DCTA Services Down For Labor Day

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by Pmoulard87 on 2015/9/1 14:50:00 (50 reads)

Open in new window

In observation of Labor Day, the Denton County Transit Authority (DCTA) will not operate any bus or rail service on Monday, September 7. DCTA operations, customer service and administrative offices will also be closed. Regular operational hours will resume on Tuesday, September 8. For more information visit the DCTA website at ... cta-service-on-labor-day1.

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City hits $2.4 million snag in Valley Ridge extension project

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2015/8/29 9:40:00 (788 reads)

Open in new windowBy Steve Southwell
The 28-month, $14.6 million project to extend Valley Ridge Boulevard from Mill Street to College Street has hit a snag that will increase the cost by $2.4 million, and extend the time required for completion by 6 months. Contractors doing excavation at the site have discovered an estimated 53,000 cubic yards of unsuitable organic fill material such as lumber, tree limbs, and steel rebar which will have to be excavated, tested and hauled off to the local landfill. Additional suitable earth fill would need to be brought in to take the place of the excavated material.

An initial geotechnical investigation of the site before the project began had estimated 7,000 cubic yards would need to be removed. Under the city’s contract with the project’s contractor, Mario Sinacola and Sons Excavating, any quantity change exceeding 25% triggers a renegotiation. The Lewisville City Council was informed of the problem at its August 17 workshop meeting, and they approved the $2.4 million change order as part of the consent agenda.

53,000 cubic yards of buried material will have to be removed and replaced with suitable earth fill. Original project estimates figured that amount about about 7,000 cubic yards. The excavation adds 6 months to the 28 month project.

Lewisville city engineer David Salmon told the council that the property was originally transferred to the city by dedication thirty years ago for future Valley Ridge right-of-way when the property between Prairie Creek and College Street was platted. The city did not have to pay for the land. Salmon went on to explain that in the 1950s and 60s, the area had been excavated for gravel and sand and it was filled in at some time after that. Engineers expected a much smaller amount of unsuitable fill, based on the original geotechnical examination. The original bore holes found chunks of concrete and asphalt. Once the project was under way, the contractor started running into a lot of organic matter like tree limbs, lumber and rebar. “You normally don’t want chunks of concrete and asphalt under your road, but really don’t want [these] under your road,” said Salmon.

“The only real explanation to that is that we tend to do a more intense investigation especially when you’re close to the creek - because of the bridge and doing the deep pours,” said Salmon. “But as you get further away from the creek, generally you don’t have these types of issues; well in this case, it was almost a reverse where the worst debris was actually further from the creek.”

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Saddle Club to Host Labor Day Rodeo - Sept 5, 6

Lewisville Area Calendar and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2015/8/29 9:31:07 (120 reads)

Open in new windowNext Saturday and Sunday, September 5 and 6, the Lewisville Saddle Club will host its 51st annual Labor Day rodeo. The event is held in conjunction with the City of Lewisville in the Lewisville Saddle Club Arena, 101 Parkway Dr.

Up to 2,500 fans per night will pack the bleachers to see 300 competitors in events like bronc riding, breakaway roping, mutton bustin’, tie-down calf roping, team roping, barrel racing, and bull riding.

The Lewisville Labor Day Rodeo is sanctioned by the United Professional Rodeo Association (UPRA) ( These contestants are competing for cash and buckles, adding to their earnings for the year.

At the end of the year, the UPRA takes to top 15 earners to the
finals, where it awards around a half million dollars in prize money.

In addition to the standard rodeo events, the Labor Day Rodeo brings pageantry with the opening ceremony of the grand entry and flag presentation, and a tribute to the US armed forces.

The stock contractor this year is CWT Rodeo Company of Kopperl, Texas. The announcer is Mack Ginn, and Chase Nolen is the rodeo clown.

Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children. Active duty military personnel are free. Advance tickets will be available at the arena today at a discount of $2 off if purchased from a saddle club member.

Concessions are available during the rodeo with beer and wine by Gilley’s and funnel cakes and other goodies available from Ms. Piggy’s.

- Lewisville Saddle Club

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Supervisor wins senior pageant

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2015/8/28 18:56:44 (116 reads)

Open in new windowBy Andrew A. Wyatt

This August, Jill Beam, supervisor of the Lewisville Senior Activity Center, won the 2015 Ms. Texas Senior America Pageant in Dallas. In addition to the overall title, she was also named Ms. Congeniality and won the Mary Frances Hansen Volunteer Award.

This is the first year that Beam has been allowed to compete for the title. Prior to 2015, she presided as director of the Ms. Texas Senior America Pageant in 2012 and 2013.

The pageant champions healthy aging and mental and physical well-being. It aims to promote the belief that once one reaches the age of 60, one hits the “Age of Elegance.” Ladies are eligible to compete for the title at 60 years old.

Contestants are judged on four categories: philosophy of life, talent, evening gown and interview. For her talent exhibition, she performed one of her favorite musical numbers, “Show Off” from “The Drowsy Chaperone.” The routine consisted of singing, dancing, piccolo playing and baton twirling.
Beam previously entered the Miss Dallas Baptist College Pageant, where she won Miss Congeniality.

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Farmers football falls short against Rowlett

Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2015/8/28 7:10:00 (325 reads)

Open in new windowBy Michael Ibanez

GARLAND -- The Lewisville Fighting Farmers varsity football team ignited a sputtering running game, forced the Rowlett Eagles offense into numerous third down situations and regularly pinned their opening game opponent deep in its own territory with a sound kicking game.

But it was ultimately a handful of explosive plays initiated by Rowlett quarterback Logan Bonner that put Lewisville behind early in a game that was never in doubt, sending the Farmers home with a first-week 38-20 loss at Homer B. Johnson Stadium.

Bonner torched an inexperienced Farmer secondary for touchdown passes of 66, 43, 69, and 99 yards. The four long scoring passes accounted for 277 of his team’s 541 total yards.

LHS coach Gregg Miller was complimentary of Bonner leading up to the game and knew his young defensive backs would be tested early and often against one of the Metroplex’s finest signal callers. His defensive front’s inability to pressure the Arkansas State commit early only made matters worse.

“We have some young kids in our secondary,” Miller said after a long post-game meeting with his team. “I knew we were a little suspect going in and this was probably a bad night to get burned that fast and that often.”

Rowlett opened the scoring five plays into the new season when Bonner connected with LaDarius Dickens on a 66-yard scoring play. After the Eagles denied Lewisville a first down on the Farmers’ first possession, Bonner led the Eagles on a seven-play drive culminating in a 43-yard pass to Josh Lewis to make the score 14-0. Both scores came after the Lewisville defense had forced third-and-long situations earlier in the drives.

By the time Lewisville running back Dontae McGee went six yards to cross Lewisville into Rowlett territory for the first time, the Farmers were already down 21-0 in the second quarter. After an impressive 11-yard scramble by quarterback Aubreion Bobb extended the drive, junior wideout Tyrell Shavers shook double coverage and pulled in a pass from Bobb for a 24-yard touchdown, the Farmers’ first score of the game and season.

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Fighting Farmers face Rowlett Eagles in Thursday game

Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2015/8/26 20:30:00 (447 reads)

Open in new windowBy Michael Ibanez

Lewisville High School football coach Gregg Miller wants to evaluate as many players as possible while striving for a season-opening win, Farmers running back Dontae McGee is looking forward to running the ball on a healthy knee for the first time in over a year, and football fans all over Lewisville are just happy that meaningful football is back.

LHS opens another football season tonight in Garland against Rowlett. Kickoff at Homer B. Johnson Stadium is at 7 p.m.

Tonight’s game opens a two-game non-district schedule for the Farmers before they begin district play against the likes of three-time defending state champion Allen and area preseason top 10 McKinney Boyd. Miller emphasizes the importance of momentum going into district play, but tempers it somewhat with his desire to evaluate as many of his players as possible.

“Our goal is to perform well, get as many people into spots where we can evaluate them, and do everything we can to win the game,” Miller said before Wednesday’s practice. “It’s a delicate balance. We don’t want to show everything, but we also don’t want to go into district play executing everything for the first time.”

Lewisville may be difficult to evaluate going into tomorrow’s game for Rowlett coach Doug Stephens. The Farmers enter the season with a pair of new coordinators. Brandon Franklin and Austin Kaehn will lead the offense and defense, respectively, after serving as position coaches under Miller previously.

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Police ID suspect in July murder

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2015/8/26 13:56:45 (1947 reads)

Open in new windowLewisville Police detectives have obtained a Capital Murder warrant for the arrest of 19-year-old Cariea Lashae McCord (pictured right) in connection with the death of Jarrod Dewayne Black.

Black was shot to death on July 23. Police received a shooting call that day near the intersection of Forestbrook and Oakbend. Black was found in his car in the middle of the street. Witnesses reported two black suspects fleeing on foot. A subsequent police perimeter was unable to contain the suspects.

McCord is a black female, 5’06”, and 130 pounds. McCord’s whereabouts are unknown at this time, and she may be in hiding. Anyone with any information on her location is urged to contact the Lewisville Police Department or the agency in the jurisdiction she may be found.

Detectives are still working to identify another person that was in the vehicle at the time of the shooting. Anyone with information on this second person, or who has additional information about this murder is urged to contact the Lewisville Police Department crime tip line at 972-219-8477 (TIPS). Tipsters can also text anonymously by using the keyword TIPLPD, with the information to 847411. Tipsters can also contact Denton County Crime Stoppers at 800-388-TIPS (8477). Tipsters can remain anonymous and may be elibigle for a cash reward.

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Lake Dallas coach arrested for sex with student

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2015/8/25 22:36:23 (911 reads)

Open in new windowBy Steve Southwell

Former Lake Dallas softball coach Dugan Walker, 59, of Corinth was arrested Monday on a felony charge of improper relationship with a student. A former female student alleged that she had sex with Walker at his house in November of 2013 - her senior year at Lake Dallas High School. She was a player on the school’s softball team that Walker coached.

The young woman, now attending junior college, told a cousin about the relationship at a recent family gathering, and that resulted in the victim’s mother contacting the school principal, who contacted police.

According to the probable cause affidavit that police used to obtain the arrest warrant, police interviewed the victim, who told them that Walker had made advances toward her, and frequently communicated with her by text message. Allegedly the text messages included things like “I’m bach’ing this weekend. You should come over” or “My wife’s not home” The affidavit describes an incident where Walker convinced her to go to his house on November 4th, 2013. At the house, is where the victim alleges that he made his move - first kissing her, then pulling her on top of him and undressing her. She said the two had intercourse unprotected, but that he told her he had a vasectomy.

The victim told police that continued to text her after the one incident, but that she just wanted a coach/player relationship, and that she rejected his further advances.

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Lewisville schedules mosquito spraying

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2015/8/24 17:17:31 (288 reads)

Open in new windowFrom a submitted report

Texas Department of State Health Services has confirmed the fifth and sixth positive West Nile Virus mosquito traps this year in Lewisville. The positive samples came from traps collected in the 600 block of Holford’s Prairie Road in east Lewisville and the 500 block of Legends Drive in Old Town. Both are among nine core testing sites throughout the city. This is the second positive test this year for both sites.

Spraying for both locations is scheduled for the nights of Monday, Aug. 24, and Tuesday, Aug. 25, starting at 10 p.m. each night. Spraying will be conducted by trucks from public streets. The insecticide being used is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and poses minimal risk to humans and the environment. Spraying will occur within a half-mile radius of each location.

City crews are regularly walking through and visually inspecting creeks and drainage channels to look for potential mosquito breeding sites. The city has nearly a dozen workers in the Parks and Animal Services divisions who are state-certified to apply anti-larval dunks or localized pesticide to curb the mosquito population. Residents also are encouraged to report standing water on city-maintained property by calling Lewisville Animal Services at 972.219.3478.

The Texas Department of Health operates a toll-free WNV information line in both English and Spanish at 888.883.9997, and has expanded information posted on its Web site at Denton County Health Department also has information about West Nile virus at 940.349.2907, or online.

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